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I love shooting weddings. Even though a wedding can be (and usually is) a stressful job for a photographer, I love nearly everything about the event. It is meaningful, joyful, exciting and emotional from beginning to end, and there is always the sense of the undeniable importance of life, love and family. Another thing I love about weddings is the art. There is an amazing amount of art in a wedding. From the dress makers to the cake makers, from the hair dressers to the florists, from the invitation design to the reception room decoration, a wedding is, in nearly every detail, the work of individuals or groups with pride of craftsmanship and art. A wedding is truly one of the most important and meaningful events in our society.

When I cover a wedding I try to get a sense of all aspects. I create the more formal portraits of the wedding couple and their families. I cover all the traditional and personal ceremonies and rituals. I shoot an abundance of candid, unposed interactions, portraits and gatherings. And I try to make pictures that give a sense of place and the art and craft that surrounds and supports the wedding. Of course I give great importance to photographing the bride and groom in all their interactions throughout the wedding.

Here are five portfolios you can look at by clicking on the thumbnails. I tried to make each portfolio representative of different aspects of photographing a wedding.

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