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A beautiful outdoor wedding with lots of flowers.

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A lot of weddings are outdoors and sometimes in very beautiful settings. Working outside can give you very bright beautiful colorful iamges. It also can be very difficult, depending on the situation. Hopefully there is a way to avoid the glaring bright sun on people's faces and clothes by finding a nice shady spot to work. This is a very important consideration. For an outdoor wedding I will show up well in advance and look for nice places to take pictures. But if the altar is set up in the bright sun at mid day in front of a beer truck, that is what I will photograph. (that actually happened)

Bride and flowersBride and Groom kssBride and ring boy

Wedding PartyTwo FathersCaught in a webGrand CeremonyHappy Groom

Table FlowersWine Bar

Box of FlowersRose PetalsCeremony flowers