Dennis Purdy Photography

More iamges, mostly candid.

Here is a mixture of more images to give you a feel of my work. I have made this portfolio in black and white so it will load quickly. As you can see I like to capture the fun moments.

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toasting the new marriagea toast to the bride and groom

hoisting the bridegroom and garter

dancing and kissinghappy guy

portrait of the Bride

brides maids watchingMore brides maids waiting

the Girls on stagethe Girls singing

loitering menmen peeking

Bride and the flower girlRunning in the grass

having fun

almost time

dining in the garden

choke the groom ornamentcherub

flowers and ribbonhairpins

sing inbouquets on table

Groom and ring boy

Bubbles and Limo

Buttonsbride's shoes

bride dancing with boycouple dancing

ribbonsTipping cake

table bouquetflowers at table


congratulationsbride in the sun

fruit and archround bouquet

bakset of candlestoasting couple



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