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I am a photographer in Portland Oregon working with weddings, portraits and fine art. I have been doing this on my own since 1990 when I left one of Portland's major commercial studios. I work out of a rustic old studio in a warehouse converted to artist studios. I also of course work on location. I have always done my own B&W darkroom work and I will continue to do so as long as I work with photography. Color work is taken to a local professional photographers color lab. I also offer digital files and digital end products when that is required.

My intent is and has always been to maintain a high level of artistic inspiration and originality in all my photographic work, including weddings and portraits. I have a strong focus on the fine art of photography and maintain gallery work as well as being in many private collections and the permanent collection of several museums.

My intention with weddings is to capture a sense of the event, the setting and especially the personal interactions with the wedding couple and their family and friends. I do both the formal/informal portraits and the candid photography, and I work in both color and black and white. In the end I want to have produced a body of work that enables the wedding couple to relive their experience whenever they look through their photos.

My goal with portraiture is to try to capture a "true" image. One that allows you to see something of the subject's personality as well as his or her likeness, and to create a portrait that stands as a work of art for the walls of your home. Of course portraiture is often concerned with photographing very young people. I don't shy away from working with a subject of any age though the very young often dictate the situation.

My personal art work is a study of what is miraculous, amazing or inspirational to me in life. It is also my own study of who I am and what I see. I market my art work and hope it is meaningful to others, but in the end my motivation is mostly personal.

Thank you for visiting my web site and looking at some samples of my work. Feel free to contact me to talk over what I can do for you... or to just say hi and tell me what you think.

....Dennis Purdy

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