Dennis Purdy Photography


I treat portraiture as a fine art. When I photograph a person I am working towards making a print or series of prints that will be matted and framed and hung on someone's wall as an art work. I work in color or black and white though I prefer black and white for aesthetic and longevity reasons. When I work in black and white I hand make the prints myself to museum standards on fiber based "gelatin silver" paper. I can also work in hand coated Platinum/Palladium prints. That is an extremely beautiful, warm toned print made from a hand mixed light sensitive liquid solution of combined platinum and palladium metals brushed onto an all cotton paper. It is "archival" or stable and unchanging for hundreds to thousands of years, making the platinum/palladium print an heirloom for many generations to enjoy.

Below are 3 portfolios divided into "kids", "teens" and "adults". You will notice as you look through them that my style is to present a subject in a very straightforward manner and try to get a part of the personality of the person to come through. I am trying to make photographs that are graphically appealing as well as emotionally engaging. Mixed into the portfolios you will find examples of gelatin silver, platinum/palladium and some color prints.

Thanks for looking.

.......Dennis Purdy